March 2014 marks the month that tipped my nomadic existence, floating somewhere between a saturated academic and a self-proclaimed traveller, swiftly into the corporate world. Oh no – my friends would say (buying themselves a little more time with masters degrees and years abroad), as they imagined me being swallowed up by the domain of the life-numbing masses. The realm of the dream-crushing routines that schedule bed-time before the best gigs in town begin, the begrudging commuters with their sullen faces muted by a 6am alarm, the mundane 9-to-5ers, the dreary autopilots, who march around the underground in women’s M&S suits.

But there is an undeniable romanticism involved in becoming a working woman. And that romanticism derives from the blooming wardrobe of a new-found city girl. I remember trudging around campus in faded black leggings and some inconsequential society hoodie, and pulling floaty Aladin-style trousers out of my suitcase and pairing them up with an H&M Basic tank top I’ve had for nearly a decade, whilst day-dreaming of a time when I could swan around in 4-inch heels and a peplum day-dress just to go about my day. Nothing looks as strikingly empowering as a pair of classic Christian Louboutins. And nothing both embraces and flatters the female body better than a beautifully tailored dress. A good working wardrobe makes room for the classic style icons and bans floozy fads. In short, work wear is often the most elegant attire a woman owns.

And so, this blog was born – from a curiosity to explore the ever-evolving aesthetic world of the modern, corporate woman; and a stubborn refusal to drown my ambition in a boxy women’s suit.

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