Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The [insert word here] Slipper

I'm a little late for the party, I know, but it took me a while to find a slipper that's the perfect fit - quite literally. When these questionable numbers came tumbling in to trend in every weird and wonderful way, I struggled to introduce them to my rather classically conservative wardrobe. From moustaches to metallic motifs, the vamps of these so-called slippers were adorned with every design imaginable. And if graphics weren’t your thing, you could always sport fearful fabrics – such as purple velvet or studded leopard-print-pony.

              Velvet Catface Slippers                 Rolling Spikes Leopard Loafers
                by Charlotte Olympia                      by Christian Louboutin

I almost dug in my beautiful ballerinas heels against the whole motion. But when Christian Louboutin puts aside the 6-inches in favour of flats, you know there’s something there. The truth is that it’s not exactly the flash-in-the-pan fad I first thought it was. In fact, Dolce and Gabbana sneakily planted the seed under flowing layers of tartan fabric back in 2008 for their Fall collection. Four years later the slipper was to be worn by every ‘It girl’ from Alexa Chung to Beyonc√© and Olivia Palermo.


I still can’t pin-point exactly what they are. Somewhere between a Venetian loafer and an androgynous ballerina, this glorified slipper makes its mark. Some call it the Opera slipper – Victorian inspired and fit for dancing. Some call it the Papal Slipper (quite fitting really!) Others still call it the Smoking Slipper, perhaps due the make-shift makeover its undergone, transforming a typically casual shoe in to quasi-evening-appropriate footwear.

     Call me conservative, but I like my slippers plain and patent. These I bought 
   from Massimo Dutti.

 To me, they’re the Office Slipper. They’re the shoes to slide in to on days when I roll out of bed after an hour’s snooze. On a lazy day, when the heels just don’t tempt me, I let the nifty notches on the front work their regal flair as I slink around the office floor in a masquerade.

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