Saturday, 22 March 2014

3 Pops of Spring

 If your work lifestyle is anything like mine, Spring doesn’t naturally coat your life in glowing relaxation with the promise of the Summer. No, no, no. For some unearthly reason, every time the sun bursts through the clouds like a rare invitation to linger outside, an angry deadline or a meeting grabs me by the scruff of the neck and drags me back to the office.

My only consolation is in the little things that leave me with a sunny smile. Here are three Spring-inspired trends that add just a pop of life to even the longest and dullest of days…

1.   ‘Le Parc Print’ by Bimba Y Lola

One unavoidable trend this season has got to be the ethnic print, or as my boyfriend calls it ‘Aztec cool’. There is an incredible ‘off the beaten track’ bite to any item with that characteristic black on bold pattern (even when you know it’s highstreet or designer!) I am personally besotted with this Bimba Y Lola ‘Le Parc Print’ special. It’s somewhere between the South American continent and 1960s geometry. Pair it up with an airy, oversized shirt and you’re good to go.

2.     ‘Hampshire’ by Hemsley London

I came across this London born and bred brand at Fashion Week this year. It’s a perfect example of how the Best of British is constantly evolving and transforming with up-and-coming talent. The Hampshire is a minimal beauty, combining off-white-painted calf leather, chrome plating and a pair of distinctive white racing stripes. It’s on my wish list.

3.     Decoltissimo Patent by Christian Louboutin

I am mad about block colour – especially when it props up quite unexpectedly. When I first lay eyes on these beautiful teal heels, I imagined a complete cream number accompanying it. What cheers ‘Spring’ more than a basic palette with a shot of the most joyful tone of the season?

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